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PURE X in loud and quiet

PURE X in loud and quiet



The new single from Pure X’s forthcoming LP, “Crawling up the stairs”, available May 14 2013
on Acephale records in North America and Merok records in Europe and the United Kingdom

North American LP Pre-order: http://acephale.bigcartel.com/

Pure X - www.Mellowthrasher.tumblr.com

facebook: ww.facebook.com/purextx

There was a time when a Gang Gang Dance show was a murky prospect. What would happen on stage? Would it be just noise jamming for a while? Would songs be recognizable, or would the entire thing be improvised? It was really fun to see them, and ever so slightly less fun to listen to them on record. It wasn’t that those records were bad, by any means, it was just that after you caught their live show, nothing else could quite reach that ecstasy. Over time that changed, the band still gets weird on stage, but their albums are poppier now. Sometimes there are hooks. Songs start in one place and end not actually that far off from that place. Gang Gang Dance are a leaner band, and this remix of FaltyDL’s “She Sleeps”—which, in its original form, was subtly melancholy—is appropriately tight, vocal samples are chopped roughly and the drums bounce with a kind of snappy energy that sounds, more than anything else, clean. By the time the song hits its midpoint and the vocal sample For those of us that love to listen, can you once again say something about the unsayable comes in, your brain will be caught in a constant spiral, trying to figure out what it all means to the song itself. Maybe nothing, or, you know, maybe everything.

Sam Hockley Smith - FADER

Rage Peace (as channeled by Prince Rama) video for "SO DESTROYED"!

To create the video, the band created a “So Destroyed” dance contest, in which fans filmed themselves dancing to the song. The highlights from the contest submissions have been edited together by Prince Rama’s very own Nimai Larson to create the fantastic new video for the track.

the new PURE X  album has been mastered and we all cant wait for the world to hear it!

in the interim, sit back and relax to this fan made video for last year’s “Heavy air” track

Prince Rama (channeling I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.I.F.E.) instructional video “those who live for love will live forever” on MOCA tv

starts tonight!

starts tonight!